Review: David Nevogt's The Simple Golf Swing

Do you want to acquire a powerful, consistent, repeating swing? With this new system by David Nevogt this is what you'll achieve and more.

It may be the ultimate system for any player looking for an easy to follow guide for building a sound golf game.

Lowering your score through course management or mental focus isn't about developing swing fundamentals. There are other programs for that.

This is aimed squarely at creating the groundwork for a golf swing that works.

How The Simple Golf Swing can change your game and improve your golf...

Most players have the talent and ability to create a repeating swing. But there are a number of reasons why that doesn't happen.

The obstacles? An overload of conflicting swing theories and advice. It's almost impossible to build a repeating swing when you try to incorporate swing keys that don't relate to one another.

In short, the information presented in most popular golf magazines and instruction books contain drills and techniques that leave most players wondering where to turn.

What you get with this system addresses these problems head-on. It gives you the skills to build a sound swing and develop a solid foundation for the rest of your game.

Here's a quick look at what you'll find inside:

>> How to find your correct swing plane to generate real consistency.

>> Unlocking your distance potential with the right hand action.

>> A step-by-step guide taking you from grip to follow through so you can see real, practical results quickly.

The Simple Golf Swing has a remarkably high success rate because of its proven techniques and drills. If you're a bogey golfer and want to effectively drop your handicap, The Simple Golf Swing quickly delivers results.

Better still, With David's package you'll get a lot more...

Bonus materials

With this system you get 8 free bonus guides to help with more than your swing. Here are just three of the guides that you'll get by purchasing his system:

* The Simple Chip; shave strokes off your score with theses proven techniques to help you from within 10 yards of the green.

* Mike Pederson's Fit to a Tee ebook. Learn how to effectively boost your fitness level using Mike's easy to implement exercises.

* Lifetime Upgrades to any new material Dave produces. Right now you can download his "10 Simple Drills to Ensure Solid Impact" free of charge when you buy his system.

And finally, the original price of this system has been dramatically reduced.

When it was first launched, the program's cost was twice the reduced cost you'll receive today.

And the good news is that you can receive an additional 50% discount simply by writing Dave your success story after implementing his keys.

So you get The Simple Golf Swing and all 8 additional bonuses for less than the price of one golf lesson.

As an investment in your golf game, it's hard to think of another system that offers you more.

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